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To Educate is to Empower

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To Educate is to Empower

Monthly Educational WorkshopsDuring the month of May, students around the country begin to celebrate the culmination of their education with graduation ceremonies and parties.  This time of year always reminds us of the excitement that comes with completing your studies, and the importance that education will play in an individual's future.

Many of the artisans in our holistic program were never afforded the opportunity to go to school or were forced to drop out an early age. The reasons for stopping their education vary but almost always tie back to poverty, cultural conditions or some sort of sexual abuse. Unfortunately, a young girl’s education in an impoverished family in India is seldom a priority.

Anchal feels strongly about providing continued education for the artisans in our program, empowering their future. One of the many ways we set ourselves apart from other artisan programs is through  monthly educational workshops to build a skill-set necessary for employment beyond Anchal. These workshops offer additional training in design, leadership, financial planning, art, entrepreneurship, women’s health and emotional & stress management.

Anchal is proving that sustainable employment coupled with continued education empowers a woman, her family and even her community.

“I liked the education workshops in communication. It helped me improve my life in every dimension” – Durga

Anchal artisan Mamta was inspired and found the courage to take her work beyond the Anchal classroom and finish the education that was taken from her as a child.

“My sister borrows used books from the school and gives them to me. When my husband and my children are sleeping, I study. I will pass 11th class this year & 12th class next year. I didn’t know I could do that before.” – Mamta

If you are interested in supporting an artisan workshop and empowering the future of our artisans through education, a donation can pay for a workshop leader, materials, tea, and a stipend for artisans to attend.  You can learn more and make a donation here >>>

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