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Fair Trade Quilt Bedding

Contemporary design meets sustainable home decor. Feel good about making your bed in the morning with our collection of fair trade bedding and pillows, designed for the modern home. The perfect weight for a restful night, each piece is made with layers of incredibly soft organic cotton or vintage cotton saris. 

  • Bone and charcoal geometric bedding styled in a bedroom with coordinated pillow arrangement Close up of hand embroidered geometric patterned quilt in colors bone and charcoal
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  • Anchal Project organic cotton euro sham with hand-stitched diamond pattern ethically made monochromatic organic cotton contemporary bedding
  • Anchal Project organic cotton pillow sham with hand-embroidered diamond-stitch pattern all white organic cotton modern pillow arrangement
  • Geometric quilt bedding styled in a modern bedroom with matching pillows of various colors Folded quilt bedding in the color bone with hand embroidered geometric array pattern
  • Colorblock handmade quilt featuring traditional kantha techniques and contemporary color blocking Reversible kantha quilt hand-stitched by Anchal artisans
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  • modern bedroom styled with contemporary hand stitched quilt, throw, and matching pillows Folded quilt bedding showcasing intricate hand embroidered geometric pattern
  • Contemporary organic-cotton quilt bedspread made by Anchal artisans Handmade bedding quilt with modern, geometric design
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  • eco-friendly throw pillow with hand embroidered cross stitiching Cross-Stitch Standard Sham - Bone
  • Fair trade bedding quilt with hand-stitched grid design showcasing intricate detail Eco-friendly quilt bedding styled in a modern bedroom paired with handmade organic cotton pillows
  • modern grid pattern organic cotton pillow sham sustainably made organic cotton bedding that has been hand embroidered
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  • hand embroidered euro sham with detailed cross stitch patten Sustainable home decor in a bedroom styled with matching bedding and pillows
  • euro sham with large grid stitching that has been hand embroidered by an anchal artisan Bone white pillow arrangement with geometric stitching
  • Handmade patchwork quilt styled in a bedroom with matching pillows to complete the bedscape organic cotton bedspread made with kantha quilting techniques
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  • king size kantha quilt handmade from vintage saris to reduce environmental impact beautifully hand-stitched kantha quilt perfect for the modern eclectic home
  • Quilt bedding using traditional kantha techniques to blend various vintage saris in colors of magenta, light blue, and yellow quilt bedding featuring a signature of the artisan who made it
  • kantha quilt bedding with traditional embroidery techniques in shades of maroon maroon kantha quilt bedding made from vintage saris by Anchal artisans
  • traditional embroidery used with vintage patterns to create a buttery soft quilt throw in red reversible queen throw in red for interchangeable home decor
  • unique kantha quilt made from vintage saris to create queen quilt bedding handmade quilt bedding that is butter soft and good for the environment
  • Twin quilt throw handmade in Ajmer, India in pink, lilac, periwinkle. Eco-friendly bedding handmade in India by Anchal artisans with vibrant colorful patterns
  • Red and purple knatha twin quilt with yellow floral patterns and foliage designs Fair trade vintage twin hand-stitched by an Anchal artisan in Ajmer India with a white kantha stitch
  • Twin kantha quilt bedding made from vintage saris to create a buttery soft quilt throw Red, yellow, and blue colored quilt bedding handmade in Ajmer, India
  • Kantha quilt made of vintage saris by anchal aritsans Kantha quilt folded showing the signature of the artisan who made it
  • maroon king quilt made from vintage saris the perfect colorful bedding large quilt that is fair trade certified and sustainably made in India
  • Yellow king kantha quilt that blends together vintage saris with traditional kantha stitching yellow kantha quilt that has been sustainably made by an Anchal Artisan in India
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  • Fair trade certified quilts made by hand in India yellow and black hand embroidered quilt with flower details
  • unique quilt throw made from vintage patterns and colors hand embroidered quilt that is reversible with one of a kind patterns
  • red and white quilt bedding with various patterns that have been sewn together using vintage saris traditional vintage sari patterns used to create queen quilt bedding
  • Red and tan sustainble kantha twin quilt with paisley and striped patterning Anchal twin kantha quilt made from vintage red and tan sarees with a yellow kantha stitch
  • Beige and maroon twin bedding handmade in Ajmer, India by Anchal Artisan Reversible twin bedding in beige maroon and brown that features many different vintage patterns
  • Maroon twin quilt with black and white floral and striped patterns and white kantha stitching Sustainable Kantha twin quilt made from brown vintage sarees with black and white floral patters
  • large king quilt featuring traditional kantha sewing techniques to blend vintage sari patterns fair trade certified vintage kantha quilt
  • fall colored kantha bedding that is handmade by Anchal Artisans in India warm tone king quilt bedding signed by its artisan maker
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  • Hand stitched kantha quilt ethically made with yellow and beige vintage saris folded kantha quilt showcasing the signature of its artisan maker