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Vintage Kantha Collection

Made with high-quality, repurposed vintage cotton saris, our one-of-a-kind upcycled home and fashion accessories feature bold, colorful prints. Each piece contains character and charm with patchwork that tells its own story.

  • Traditional green patterned twin bedding that has a pop of gold fabric on one panel Vintage twin bedding that is hand stitched and features a stitched tag of the artisan that made the piece
  • Uniquely patterned kantha king style bedding that has multiple patterns and colors and was hand stitched in India Navy and green quilt that features yellow, orange, and pink accents as well as floral and geometric patterns.
  • Bright springtime colored vintage cotton bedding that covers a king sized bed Green and red printed bedding quilt that has different patterns like stripes and florals for a unique contrast
  • Red and pink printed Kantha king sized quilt made from recycled materials in India Boho styled large bedding quilt that has deep red color patterns and a pop of yellow
  • Bold red Kantha queen sized bedding that has white and yellow accents that stand out Three printed paneled vintage Kantha bedding quilt that has unique and one of a kind patterns
  • Light pink printed Kantha quilt made from multiple recycled materials Soft pink colored vintage queen bedding that features a fun animal print and paisley print
  • Deep pink colored minimal printed bedding made from recycled materials Handcrafted and sustainable bedding made by equal pay artisans in India
  • Green Kantha queen bedding that features a dark blue panel for a unique look Green and pink large quilt that makes a perfect decor piece for a queen sized bed
  • Light green and yellow springtime quilt bedding made from recycled materials Unique and one of a kind vintage bedding quilt that fits a queen sized bed
  • Bright green and pink springtime colored vintage quilt Unique and one of a kind bedding piece that was handcrafted and has a geometric print
  • Environmentally conscious bedding option that was handcrafted in Ajmer, India Queen sized bedding that is light tan and features red and blue colors as accents
  • Queen size vintage quilt bedding that features different shades of blue, pink, and green Large blanket made from recycled cotton and features large floral and palm tree patterns for a one of a kind look
  • Bold and vibrant red kantha bedding that has unique patterns stitched together for a one of a kind look Red queen bedding that has a bold panel that features a contrasting green floral design
  • Vivid blue Kantha styled bedding that features a traditional stitch throughout the entire piece Blue colored vintage bedding that has a bold panel featuring yellow and red checker prints
  • Bold and cheerful orange Kantha throw blanket that features different patterns Uniquely patterned soft Kantha stitched blanket that was handcrafted in India.
  • Striking tan vintage quilt that has turquoise and red printed panels for contrast Beige and multi colored printed vintage large bedding made by Fair Trade artisans
  • Yellow and orange printed bedding made from recycled materials handcrafted in Ajmer, India Soft cotton quilt that has floral and geometric patterns that are constructed together
  • Deep orange colored vintage bedding that has a blend of unique stripes and paisley prints Orange and red patterned bedding that has turquoise accents on one of the panels
  • Red traditional Kantha bedding that features eco friendly materials and construction Printed vintage Kantha king bedding that features a traditional stitching throughout the piece
  • Pink and red colored Kantha stitched traditional quilt Throw blanket that features different recycled Sarees stitched together to showcase different and unique patterns
  • Kantha Quilt Throw - No. 210429 Kantha Quilt Throw - No. 210429
  • Light tan colored Kantha throw blanket that has a geometric pattern to create symmetry and style Beige large throw that features different patterns for a one of a kind look and unique color blocking
  • Traditional colored and printed kantha twin bedding that is constructed from vintage saris Orange and green printed upcycled twin bedding that makes a unique decor piece
  • Traditional green printed Kantha twin blanket that has yellow accents Twin size kantha stitched green bedding that is made from recycled cotton
  • Beige and yellow colored vintage Kantha quilt that has deep blue and purple accents Vintage queen quilt made from recycled materials and features multiple patterns for a unique look
  • Traditional styled vintage Kantha queen bedding that features different hues of brown, green, and blue Large bedding style throw that features a traditional Kantha stitch work throughout the entire piece
  • Bold red and green styled king vintage throw blanket King quilt made from vintage materials and showcases multiple different prints and style
  • Red printed quilt that has small repetitive patterns for a minimalist style Multi printed quilt that fits the size of a king size bed and is a one of a kind piece
  • Fun and bright pink colored king size quilt that has yellow paisley print accents Pink colored kantha blanket that has blue and yellow accents for a bright and cheerful decor piece
  • Traditional printed Kantha queen bedding with red and green coloring Beautifully crafted Kantha bedding that has six different patterned panels for a one of a kind look
  • Traditional yet unique Kantha bedding that features a beautiful floral pattern