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Handmade Fair Trade Cotton Scarves

Complete your outfit with our contemporary ethical fashion scarves handmade with buttery-soft organic cotton or upcycled vintage cotton saris. Made in a variety of classic styles, our colorful cotton scarves feature bold modern patterns and are the perfect addition to any look.

  • naturally dyed indigo bandana using shibori technique by Anchal Project naturally dyed shibori cotton bandana
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  • naturally dyed indigo blue bandana using shibori technique cotton shibori bandana with circle pattern made using natural dyes
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  • lightweight cotton bandana scarf dyed using natural dyes in indigo blue naturally dyed bandana with geometric design made with shibori technique
  • Bohemian handmade oversized scarf with tassels Modern hand-stitched organic cotton scarf
  • Naturally dyed cotton bandana with tie-dye print naturally dyed bandana made from organic cotton and Harda by Anchal Project
  • Bone scarf with hand embroidery and charcoal tassels Hand embroidered organic cotton scarf that is eco-friendly and Fair Trade Certified
  • model with glasses wearing blue and navy striped infinity scarf by Anchal Project Anchal Project organic cotton circle scarf in slate and navy blue with kantha stitching hand embroidery
  • Handmade cotton bandana sustainably made by women in India Stylish handmade bandana with kantha stitching
  • Anchal Project minimalist bandana scarf in navy blue Anchal Project organic cotton bandana scarf with hand-stitched geometric pattern in navy blue
  • Organic cotton scarf with neutral colorblock patterns Eco-friendly organic cotton scarf handmade by Anchal artisans
  • Anchal Project organic cotton scarf with rainbow colorclock design lightweight cotton scarf with colorblock design by Anchal Project
  • Colorblock handmade scarf with kantha stitching modern eco-friendly scarf sustainably made by Anchal artisans
  • marigold yellow silk bandana dyed using all natural dyes from flowers naturally dyed silk bandana dyed using marigold flowers grown locally in Louisville, KY
  • cotton bandana scarf naturally dyed using cochineal in Louisville, KY pink cotton bandana dyed using natural dyes from cochineal by dyeScape and Anchal Project
  • silk bandana scarf dyed using cochineal and marigold flowers silk bandana dip dyed using all natural dyes found in nature
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  • Gold scarf with geometric stitching and white tassels Handmade eco-friendly neck scarf
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