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Decorative Throw Pillows

Contemporary design meets sustainable home decor. Mix and match our decorative pillows featuring colorful, bold geometric patterns to add character to your living space. Each pillow is hand embroidered and thoughtfully designed for the modern home.
  • Anchal Project mustard yellow curve throw pillow Curve Throw Pillow
  • multi colored checkered throw pillow by Anchal rainbow checkered throw pillow with kantha embroidery and patchwork by Anchal
  • Anchal Project stylish eco-friendly throw pillow with hand-stitched modern detailing monochromatic contemporary pillow arrangement for sofa
  • Anchal Project geometric tassel throw pillow in ivory modern boho pillow arrangement featuring Anchal Project pillows
  • modern boho checkered throw pillow with removable down feather insert vintage modern bedroom inspiration with multi-color checkered patchwork bedding and matching pillows
  • cross-stitch throw pillows in vintage rattan chair for modern boho look ivory organic cotton throw pillow with modern cross-stitch design
  • Patchwork Plaid Lumbar Pillow Patchwork Plaid Lumbar Pillow
  • Anchal Project modern ivory grid pattern pillow organic cotton throw pillow with grid pattern on tan mid-century leather sofa
  • handmade organic cotton graph pillow in spruce styled on leather chair with a the plaid quilt throw small throw pillow with geometric grid design
  • Patchwork Plaid Throw Pillow Patchwork Plaid Throw Pillow
  • Anchal Project curve lumbar pillow in navy modern navy lumbar pillow in yellow mid-century chair
  • contemporary geometric throw pillow with hand-embroidered grid pattern geometric accent pillow made from organic cotton
  • Anchal Project eclipse dot throw pillow handmade by Anchal artisans modern fair trade throw pillow in vintage pink velvet chair
  • Round throw pillow with hand stitched and colorblock design organic cotton modern circle throw pillow made by Anchal artisans
  • Anchal Project eclipse dot lumbar pillow modern neutral color palette on bed with concentric design
  • Anchal Project embroidered arrow toss pillow in charcoal black arrow stitch throw pillow in charcoal on black and white organic cotton bedding by Anchal
  • artistic modern throw pillow in white mid-century modern chair Anchal geometric diamond patterned throw pillow made from organic cotton
  • small lumbar throw pillow with small cross-stitch embroidery all neutral organic cotton bedspread with hand-embroidered throw pillows by Anchal
  • Anchal Project ivory tassel lumbar pillow with hand-stitched geometric tile design embroidered organic throw pillow with tassels on woven pouf
  • Embroidered triangle throw pillow with black pom poms Embroidered triangle throw pillows featuring tassel details styled on minimalist bedding
  • Anchal bone white throw pillow with modern boho tassels monochromatic modernist bedroom pillow arrangement on bed
  • naturally dyed throw pillow using cochineal by Anchal Project bright naturally dyed throw pillows on white sofa
  • indigo blue colorblock decorative throw pillow made using natural plant dyes modern colorblock throw pillow dyed using locally grown indigo leaves
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  • yellow linen throw pillow dyed using non-toxic plant dyes by Anchal Project bright modern colorblock accent pillow naturally dyed from local plants and flowers
  • contemporary embroidered pillow with contrasting grid and cross-stitch designs modern patchwork throw pillow by Anchal Project
  • Anchal Project saral colorblock embroidered throw pillow in monochromatic color scheme saral colorblock lumbar pillow featuring modern colorblock patchwork by Anchal Project