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Fair Trade Kantha Quilts

Our fair trade kantha quilts blend contemporary design with traditional techniques. Featuring bold geometric patterns, each quilt is handmade using layers of buttery-soft organic cotton or vintage saris. 

  • colorful checkered patchwork quilt by Anchal Project checkered patchwork quilt on rustic wooden platform bed
  • modern plaid quilt made from organic cotton by artisans in India navy blue plaid quilt on rustic platform bed in modernist home
  • organic cotton plaid patchwork baby quilt by Anchal black and white checkered quilt throw by Anchal hanging as wall tapestry
  • multi color stripe quilt made from GOTS certified organic cotton organic cotton throw on vintage modern bed by Anchal Project
  • hand quilted organic cotton baby blanket with mustard yellow triangles hand crafted organic cotton baby quilt hand sewn by Anchal artisans
  • modern abstract quilt with colorful patchwork panels modern kantha quilt on modern spindle bed by Anchal Project
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  • crescent moon quilt throw handmade by artisans from organic cotton modern kantha quilt with circular lunar design on black and white bed
  • wooden quilt hanger hanging Anchal crescent lattice quilt throw wooden textile wall hanger in light natural oak
  • Small throw quilt featuring lunar hand-stitched pattern made with organic cotton Anchal Project small throw quilt perfect as a wall hanging or baby blanket
  • Spring time colored pink quilt that features a pop of teal and green Bold and bright colored quilt that has different patterns for a unique and stylish look
  • Large bright yellow printed Kantha quilt that has a floral and vine pattern for unique contrast A large throw blanket that is made from recycled materials and is also reversible
  • Bold teal colored vintage blanket that was handmade by Fair Trade artisans Deep blue colored vintage throw that has panels of different hues of green for a one of a kind look
  • abstract floral quilt made by Anchal artisans from GOTS certified organic cotton marigold bloom quilt throw by Anchal Project
  • Ethically made organic cotton throw quilt featuring modern hand-stitched triangle pattern straight stitch quilting made from organic cotton and azo free dyes
  • gumdrop quilt expertly paneled together by Anchal artisans modern kantha quilt with arch design hand-stitched by Anchal artisans
  • Colorblock organic-cotton throw quilt featuring patchwork pattern Kantha-stitched artisan-made quilt featuring the hand stitched name of the artisan maker
  • Colorblock reversible quilt made from organic cotton eco-friendly hand-stitched picnic blanket by Anchal Project
  • organic cotton quilted throw blanket made by Anchal artisans featuring patchwork designs Eco-friendly Anchal patchwork quilt pairs perfectly with throw pillows and handmade bedding
  • Handcrafted original quilt that features bold patterns and bold colors Green, yellow, and blue bold printed quilt made by fair trade artisans
  • A bright and fun springtime quilt featuring large flowers for a bold look Bold floral print blanket made from recycled materials
  • Anchal hand-embroidered quilt made with organic cotton mid-century modern chair with art deco throw and geometric pillow
  • Vibrant fall-inspired quilt featuring colorblock design made from organic cotton GOTS certified cotton throw quilt handmade and featuring a bold modernist composition
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  • Anchal Project organic cotton hand-stitched ivory quilt black and white modern pillows and throw on contemporary entryway bench
  • Deep red colored large blanket that has a pop of color and pattern in the middle of the quilt Floral, paisley, and striped patterned vintage quilt that has traditional stitching techniques throughout the piece
  • Traditional printed Kantha Quilt that is made from recycled and reused materials Pink and grey patterned quilt that features a hand stitched name tag of the artisan that made the piece
  • Multi patterned ivory quilt that features unique patterns for a bold look Light colored small Kantha throw blanket that showcases unique patterns from different recycled sarees for a bold look
  • Light tan colored unique quilt that features a bold yellow colorblock Environmentally conscious throw blanket that features contrasting prints for a unique look
  • Uniquely designed Kantha throw blanket that has a colorful palm pattern Purple and green bold printed cotton quilt that is one of a kind
  • Light yellow colored vintage throw blanket that is made from soft recycled materials Minimalist patterned vintage throw blanket that features traditional stitching techniques
  • Traditional colored creme quilt that has red, brown, and green accents