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New Arrivals

New contemporary designs meet ourĀ iconic home and fashion essentials. Discover our newest collection of sustainable home decor and ethical fashion accessories.
  • Teal and ivory colored vintage blanket that showcases different unique patterns Soft cotton small throw blanket that has Pink traditional Kantha stitching throughout the entire blanket
  • Traditional printed small cotton throw blanket that features a fun and unique elephant print This beautifully designed vintage blanket features a blend of new and traditional styles for a one of a kind look
  • Bold patterned small throw blanket that features different red and gold color schemes Small throw blanket that is Fair Trade verified and was made in Ajmer, India
  • Unique deep navy colored Kantha blanket that has plaid and floral patterns Small throw blanket hand stitched and designed in Ajmer, India by artisans
  • Purple and teal traditional blanket throw made from soft recycled cotton materials Small Kantha throw that features bold color accents in purple and teal
  • Multi patterned ivory quilt that features unique patterns for a bold look Light colored small Kantha throw blanket that showcases unique patterns from different recycled sarees for a bold look
  • A small throw blanket featuring different hues of blue for a unique look Blue colored Kantha small throw blanket that has different floral patterns
  • Small yellow and blue brightly colored Kantha quilt Fair Trade blanket hand crafted from artisans that stitch together vintage sarees
  • Light green reversible Kantha throw blanket that has unique floral patterns This one of a kind green quilt features a unique name tag of the individual artisan that created the quilt
  • Boldly printed pink, navy, and lavender cotton soft small throw blanket Vintage cotton throw made from recycled materials for a unique accent throw
  • Traditional green colored small Kantha throw that showcases different floral prints and green hues Eco friendly quilt made from two recycled Sarees for a reduced waste and Fair Trade certified product
  • Light orange printed Kantha small throw that features floral and paisley patterns in a similar color scheme Orange and white colored small throw blanket that features unique prints brought together by a cohesive design
  • Green patterned small Kantha throw blanket that has contrasting stripe and paisley patterns Uniquely designed throw blanket that is made from recycled materials for a truly one of a kind look
  • Traditionally patterned small Kantha blanket throw that features different colors of green Green traditional Kantha blanket that features a deep green color and contrasting orange trim
  • Deep red printed Kantha quilt that has contrasting white traditional stitching Red blanket printed with bird patterns and floral patterns that is one of a kind
  • Traditional green colored small Kantha quilt that has unique sarees stitched together and features bright pink Kantha stitching Paisley printed green small throw that is made from six layers of vintage cotton Sarees
  • Gold yellow and green patterned bold kantha stitched quilt has a traditional look Uniquely stitched vintage small blanket featuring multiple colored patterns and light blue Kantha stitching
  • Bold red colors throughout this small Kantha quilt throw which features a wavy design Different shades of red contrasted by blue Kantha stitching throughout this soft cotton quilt
  • Bold and vibrant traditional quilt that features an array of colors and patterns Orange, teal, and navy throw blanket that showcases multiple different geometric prints
  • naturally dyed pink scrunchies made of linen by Anchal Projectinen modern oversized scrunchie made with natural dyes and linen by Anchal
  • pink linen lumbar pillow dyed using cochineal by Anchal Project modern pink throw pillow naturally dyed with non-toxic dyes
  • tie-dye cotton scrunchies using natural indigo dye by Anchal Project
  • Pink and yellow bandana that has unique panels of different prints Floral bandana that has bold pink and yellow printed panels
  • Vibrant magenta bandana that has a subtle print for a vintage look Purple and pink square scarf that is contrasted with a yellow Kantha stitch
  • Green, tan, and purple bandana made from women in Ajmer, India A unique gold and tan scarf that features a large purple floral pattern
  • Purple vintage bandana that has a large white leaf pattern Sustainable scarf made from recycled materials and has a unique floral detail
  • Light tan printed scarf that was created in India Tan, yellow, and red printed bandana
  • Square scarf with brown and beige floral prints that is made from recycled sarees One-of-a kind sustainable scarf handcrafted in India by fair trade artisans
  • Traditional boldly patterned dark red bandana Green and blue geometric printed scarf made by fair trade artisans
  • White square scarf that has floral patterns with mixed colors for a unique look Red, green, and orange patterned vintage bandana that has a bright floral pattern
  • Navy printed traditional bandana that is made from recycled materials for a fashionable eco-friendly style Deep blue patterned scarf that has contrasting red paisley prints for a unique look
  • Green cotton soft vintage bandana printed with a unique tribal detail that features different patterns and symbols 
Olive green colored Kantha stitched bandana printed with multiple different symbols for a one of a kind look
  • Light tan printed bandana that has a colorful printed bird pattern Beige oranietly printed scarf that has contrasts of orange and green