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Recycled Stationery


Shop our modern collection of cards and notebooks all printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper featuring our award-winning quilt designs. Thank you notes just got a little more colorful!

  • 3x3 vinyl circle sticker with matte finish coating by Anchal Project designing change logo circle sticker by Anchal Project
  • colorful checkered blank notecard featuring multi check quilt design blank all-purpose card featuring Anchal quilt designs
  • medium colorful softcover notebook lined with dotted paper medium-sized softcover journal printed on recycled paper by Anchal Project
  • plaid circle vinyl sticker with Anchal logo round vinyl sticker for water bottle featuring modern geometric design by Anchal
  • boxed blank card set with envelopes by Anchal Project blank notecards sustainably printed on recycled paper featuring Anchal quilt designs
  • patchwork plaid quilt throw with black camel and white checkers blank card with Anchal quilt designs on front with kraft envelope
  • Guggenheim x Anchal quilt design on blank card with matching envelope Anchal Project blank note cards made from recycled paper
  • round circle vinyl sticker with yellow navy and pink abstract shapes vinyl circle sticker with Anchal logo
  • printed quilt design on recycled paper notecard by Anchal blank notecard printed on recycled paper by Anchal
  • modern blank card with included kraft colored envelope blank birthday note card with matching kraft envelope by Anchal Project
  • recycled paper notecard featuring gumdrop canopy quilt throw design on front Anchal blank notecard stationery
  • Anchal Project mustard triangle quilt design on blank note card all purpose blank card made from recycled paper by Anchal Project
  • Anchal Project crescent lattice quilt blank greeting card Anchal Project blank note card with matching envelope
  • black and white modern notecard design by Anchal sustainable blank notecard featuring Anchal quilt designs
  • Anchal Project Naari quilt blank card made out of recycled paper Anchal Project stationery note card with envelope
  • Anchal Project autumn curve blank notecard recycled blank card with matching envelope by Anchal Project
  • Anchal Project didi blank notecard with matching envelope recycled content blank card with envelope made in the USA