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The Project Assistant Team Grows in India!

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The Project Assistant Team Grows in India!

Anchal’s core team at the workshop has recently grown from 7 to 11 project assistants. Project assistants play a critical role in the production of Anchal products. Whether it includes cutting fabric for a bag, patch working a quilt on the sewing machine, washing saris, ironing pillowcases, distributing quilts to the artisans for hand stitching in the field, training artisans on new designs or performing quality checks on a completed scarf - the project assistants touch every piece with love and care. The project assistants were once artisans that rose to this leadership position where they commit to coming to the workshop daily during the work week and ensure all production is organized and delivered on time. They receive a full-time salary and healthcare.

Shama shared this about her journey from washing assistant to a master, “I have made my own journey for becoming a project assistant. So now when I train someone, I feel very proud and responsible. Where I am now, is because of me. I have achieved this because I have worked hard. I am proud of myself. Now I have that skill that I can practice.”

Not only do the project assistants feel a renewed sense of dignity and empowerment, but they also share their financial success with their families. Seema recently opened up a life insurance policy for her family from her earnings through Anchal. Last year she also was able to paint her home and purchased a scooter for her son to take to college! She has become a true leader in the Anchal community and shining examples of the program. “Overall I feel proud that I am able to support myself and am very proud of the beautiful work we are doing.” Your purchase and support help champion this community of impressive women and change lives.

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