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Inspiration Behind Our SS19 Crescent Collection

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Inspiration Behind Our SS19 Crescent Collection

Ever wonder what inspires the Clines sisters? They’re sharing the top 4 inspirational designs / artists that influenced the SS19 Crescent Collection.

Jali Screen India


Like most previous seasons, the Crescent Collection was heavily inspired by the architecture of India and in particular, the jali screens of India. Jali is the hindi word used to describe decorative   perforated stone or latticed screens, an featured architectural detail featured throughout spaces all across Rajasthan & can be used in place of windows or room dividers.

The jali helps to lower temperature by cutting down direct sunlight, compressing air through holes & promoting air flow through spaces. Jali also offer an interesting experience for privacy, from within everything outside is visible, but from the outside nothing can be seen inward due to the light difference.

Maggie & Colleen: “We were inspired by the playfulness jali’s provide through the shifting shapes & light. From the most simply to the most elaborate design, jali’s create stunning displays of light and shadow. We wanted our Crescent Collection to emulate the delicate transition from dark to light. We wanted the pattern to invoke a sense of depth and movement with the curves & coloring.”

Yayoi Kusama


“My life is a dot lost among thousands of other dots.” - Yayoi Kusama

Yayoi Kusama is a contemporary Japanese artist whose work spans across mediums of painting, sculpture, film & installations. Her unifying features - repetitive dots, pumpkins & mirrors, tell the story of her inner mindscape & provide viewers an opportunity for introspective experiences. Though undervalued during her early works, Yayoi was and remains to be one of the most influential female artists. Her work crosses between minimalism, surrealism, pop art & abstract expressionism.

Maggie & Colleen: “Yayoi’s work was a major inspiration behind the french knot technique featured in the Eclipse Dot Lumbar, 22” Eclipse Dot Toss Pillow, Charcoal Lunar Dot Lumbar, Ivory Cream Lunar Dot Lumbar. Her work invokes curiosity and a sense of joy, we wanted to bring something fresh and playful to our SS19 collection.”

Alberto Burri


An Italian artisan who worked as an abstract painter during the second half of the nineteenth century, Burri focused on using unconventional materials. The balance Burri creates between order, disorder, light & form give his viewers new experiences and emotional responses to unexpected concepts.

Maggie & Colleen: “Burri’s creative use of composition and relief sculpture encouraged us to look beyond current techniques & shapes. Burri’s Cretto series & Cretto di Burri landscape artwork resonates so deeply with us both in it’s forms but experientially element.



Credited as the father of the Op Art movement, the French-Hungarian artist created compelling illusions of spatial depth using geometric shapes. Vasarely’s work gives it’s viewers the impression of movement, flashing and vibrating patterns.

Maggie & Colleen: “Vasarely accomplished an incredible amount of depth and layers of complexity with simple colors and geometric patterns - we fell in love with his line work and and minimalism. It’s always helpful to channel simplicity when designing a new pattern!”

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