Day 6

Written By Anchal Project - January 06 2010


August 31 2015

Hey girls,

I can only imagine how you all are feeling, but you have no idea how much you both inspire me! Just watching you all in providence and following your journey with this blog, it gives me hope and encouragement to keep working towards my goals. I am so proud of you both and cant wait to help with the next fundraiser :)

ps i hope you feel better devon

Maggie C.

Sarah Weintraub
August 31 2015

Thank you so much, Devon, for the way that you are meeting these questions – of what it is to be in solidarity and to serve, and who we are – while you are simultaneously doing the work and living them… thank you.
A friend gave me a phrase from the Zapatistas recently, which I find myself coming around to over and over – “Walking, we listen” – that both of those pieces are important – the walking and the listening, that we don’t do one and then the other, but we go along doing the work, walking, while also listening, and questioning…
sending you so much love, and I hope your health improves,

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