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Meet Your Didi: Firoza

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Meet Your Didi: Firoza

A mother of two with a limited formal education, Firoza was determined to provide a better life for her family. Firoza joined Anchal’s program in 2012 and after 3 years of dedication and hard work we are proud to call her a Senior artisan.

Since joining Anchal, Firoza has excelled in her craft and found a confidence in herself she never knew she had. She is not only able to provide for herself and her family, but she is learning that life can be enjoyable when she has sustainable work.

"It has given us a great feeling of being strong. We have developed a sense of self belief and we realize that we can never go back to that stage of being helpless and being exploited." 

During our recent trip to India, we had the chance to meet with Firoza. She shared with great pride that she invested 50,000 INR, of the money she has earned with Anchal, into a fixed deposit. Firoza is currently saving her money to construct her own house on the plot of land she purchased last year with her saving from Anchal. She joyfully told us,

“If I feel like spending money on home improvements or a new sari, I don’t have to ask for my husband's permission anymore. I am now in a position to buy or save money for myself!”

firoza's work

We are so incredibly proud and impressed by Firoza’s dedication and strength; she has become a true leader in the Anchal community despite tremendous challenges.

“My favorite thing about Anchal is working on new products and designs.”

She is certainly excelling on the new collection of products and has contributed design elements too. At the close of our conversation she wanted to make sure that I shared her appreciation.

“I want to thank all of those people who are supporting this initiative.”

Your continued support and yearly sponsorship promises Firoza consistent and reliable work.  Join us this holiday season and give her the gift of an empowered future.

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