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Monthly Educational Workshop: Holistic Healing

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Monthly Educational Workshop: Holistic Healing

You may recall, in May 2015 we received a generous grant from Circle of Sisterhood to support educational workshops and opportunities for Anchal artisans. This grant of $5,000 was used throughout 2015 to conduct 12 monthly educational workshops in topics including financial planning, leadership, entrepreneurship, women't health, team building, communication and additional training in design. 

Last year, 80 artisans attended an educational workshop that focused on holistic healing. Our goal was to inform our artisans about the concept of holistic healing and how this approach to treatment is different from conventional methods.

Dr. Ajit Kumar Jha was invited to teach this workshop to emphasize importance of yoga, exercise and a healthy lifestyle. He wanted to emphasize how each can help achieve emotional stability by reaching a calm and peaceful state of mind.  He performed a free check-up on each artisan during the workshop to more accurately diagnose their condition and recommend the proper treatment. More importantly, he gave them specific instructions on how to reduce their ailments as well as demonstrated several exercises.

After this workshop, Anchal artisans felt informed about the ways they could use these methods in their home, without having to spend money on minor health problems. They learned the importance eating healthy and using homemade remedies to treat minor ailments. Others added that they will immediately begin to change their lifestyle by exercising and practicing yoga.

"With the help of the information given by Dr Ajit Kumar Jha, we can live our lives in a healthy manner, and also explain the same to our family which will eventually reduce the health issues at home." - Shabnam

Education continues to remain a pillar in our program, helping to empower these women to become agents of change in their own communities. Your donations can help pay for a workshop leader, workshop materials, tea, and a stipend for the artisans in attendance. Consider sponsoring and educational workshop here.

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