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Color Story: Living in Color with indigo

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Color Story: Living in Color with indigo

Indigo held a significant importance in many ancient cultures for thousands of years. India was a predominant supplier of the rich color to Europe given their access to Indigofera as well their strong skill in the art of natural textile dyeing. However, with the increase in demand for indigo came the introduction of synthetic dyes and the decline of natural dyeing soon followed. 

Today, the color remains popular amongst the fashion, home decor and design communities. As our culture become more in-tune with environmental concerns, we are starting to see a slow shift away from synthetic dyes and re-introduction of the art of natural dyeing.  We chatted with Anchal's Co-Founder and CEO, Colleen Clines, about bringing indigo, along with natural dyeing, into the new Living in Color Collection.

What was the main inspiration behind adding indigo to the Living in Color Collection?

We had the desire to add additional colors and consistency to our existing products. It was important to keep with the eco-friendly nature of recycled material while making it fresh and contemporary. We achieved this with colors like indigo.

What are your favorite qualities of the color indigo?

I really love the rich color and added depth it gives, both visually & narratively. Not only do the subtle patterns of the original print provide intrigue, but the the story behind each piece becomes more complex, making it a treasure for the maker and customer. The indigo process has such a rich history from leaf, to dye vat, to the final product, it is truly magical.

 How to you see someone incorporating it into their wardrobe/home decor?

The darker colors found in the indigo and black pieces in the collection are really the perfect compliment to your wardrobe and are so easy to wear with any outfit. Outside of the closet, you can now put together a full set of pillows and quilts for a room which is very exciting!

What one word would you use to describe this color?


What was your favorite part about bringing indigo into this new collection?
lf you have a chance to read into the Japanese and Indian tradition of indigo, it is starting to make a comeback and is really such a cool  plant. We had the opportunity to plant the seeds at dyeScape this year. After watching them grow, harvesting and processing the plants and then using the dye - I am totally hooked!
We invite you to check out all the new pieces from the Living in Color Collection, and let us know below what you think about the color indigo!



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