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6 Tips to Guide Your Innovation Process

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6 Tips to Guide Your Innovation Process

Here at Anchal, we believe that each person is a creator capable of designing solutions and new methods that will forever change the world we live in. Hence, our favorite phrase, “designing change.”

Inspiration can be found all around us, however, it can be difficult to take our ideas and bring them into fruition. Luckily, Colleen and Maggie recently had the terrific opportunity as the guest speakers of the June Connecting Things Louisville at our very own dyeScape garden to discuss Anchal’s holistic program and provide 6 helpful tips to guide us through the innovation process:

1. Curiosity: Ask Questions

Curiosity did not kill the cat ” --Colleen Clines, CEO

Look around, what do you see that needs changing? Why does it need to change? Never stop asking questions because curiosity is the best trigger for creativity! It’s important to remember innovation can happen anywhere--even in the methods we already have. According to Colleen, "It's not always about creating a new initiative but innovating within an existing project."

2. Ideation: Take Action

Action is the first step to ideation. Once you have an idea, bring it to life! There are many creative paths you can take. Whether it be writing everything down, drawing sketches, or exploring different prototypes, the possibilities are endless.

Find what works for you, or when in doubt, try it all! Then try it every day to find the end result you were hoping for.

3. Embrace Your Mistakes

They happen. Though you’ll be discouraged, the best things you can do is embrace and learn from them.

Look at the challenge you come across as an opportunity to innovate” –Maggie Clines, Creative Director.

It’s all about perspective! Refocus on why you started and what went wrong. Ask more questions, and then begin again.

4. Collaboration: Teamwork

You can’t do it alone, so build a support system. The best way to innovate is to have balance.  It’s important to establish a network where you can bounce ideas, but also support each other in struggles.

5. Perseverance: Get to the Grit

You are going to have doors shut in your face, but if you are persistent and work hard, things will happen for you” – Colleen Clines, CEO.

If you’re truly passionate about designing change, you can’t be afraid to put in the work and hear the word “no.” Making it happen requires hard, honest work and a lot of it. You can’t be lazy and also entrepreneurial and innovative. 

6. Never Lose Faith

Here, is where we will divulge the best-kept secret in designing change: those who innovate never really know what they are doing.

The sooner you accept this, the better. At times, ignorance is necessary to have the courage to keep going. Learn from mistakes, work hard, but also celebrate victories. No accomplishment is too small. Do what is necessary to ignite your fire in order to continue your exciting journey towards designing change!  

Have anything to add? Share the steps you use to innovate below!

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