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Meet Your Didi: Bhagwati

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Meet Your Didi: Bhagwati

Anchal Artisan BhagwatiDuring our last visit to India, Bhagwati shared the exciting news that after years of saving, she was finally able to construct two new rooms in her house. Having visited her one room home the year before, where 5 adults and 2 children live, I was overjoyed to hear about the much need expansion. Bhagwati also joyfully shared that she was also able to purchase gold for herself this year. Bhagwati rarely purchases things for herself, much less gold jewelry, so it is a major accomplishment for her to be able to reward herself after a lifetime of hard work

We continue to be amazed by Bhagwati’s joy and strength; she has become a true leader in the community despite tremendous challenges. She said that her favorite times of the year are when everyone gathers at the Anchal center during training. She continues to perfect her skill and is building a confidence in herself she didn't know was possible. "When I started making quilts, I was able to make only one quilt in a month, but now I am able to make 6 quilts in a month.

Anchal Artisan Bhagwati & Family

Bhagwati is so grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow within the Anchal community.  She is constantly discovering that through hard work and determination, she can accomplish anything.  She says, "I am illiterate but, I really enjoy drawing lines on pieces. It make me feels like I have learned something on my own. I also feel proud of myself that, even though I am not formally educated, I am able to learn these complicated designs as well as sometimes teach others how to  make them." 

Bhagwati wants to make sure that that we share her gratitude with Anchal's network. “I want to thank all the people who are supporting us.”

Your support guarantees Bhagwati will be able to continue to support her sons’ education and expand her design skills at the center.

 Anchal Artisan Bhagwati

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