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Fostering Leadership and Independence Through Educational Workshops

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Fostering Leadership and Independence Through Educational Workshops

Anchal wants our artisans to be talented designers, but we also want them to be strong leaders. We believe that the women we work with can lead not only their co-workers and their families, but their entire communities as well. In order to foster the change-maker qualities that we already see in the artisans, we held a Leadership and Communication skills workshop on June 14th.

“No task can be properly done without a team, and the team should be united.” - Anchal Artisan Mamta

At this workshop, the artisans learned about the importance of using detailed and specific communication as leaders. Dr. Gupta, the workshop facilitator, asked each of the artisans to name the quilt-making tools that they worked with everyday. The artisans found that many of them used different names for the same the tool. Dr. Gupta recommended that the women use a single term for the tool; he explained that specific communication is a sign of an efficient leader. Artisan Shama said that she learned “why it is very important that every one of us should have same understanding about the guidelines, and we should use the same terminology for all the instruments which we are using in production.”

During the workshop, the women also discussed the role of leadership. Dr. Gupta showed the artisans a video that discussed the importance of leadership and teamwork. The artisans walked away from this workshop feeling confident in their abilities as leaders.

Feeling inspired?  You can support anchal and our team of determined artisans by sponsoring an educational workshop. No gift is too small to make a difference.


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