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From Home to Work - Meet Maya

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From Home to Work - Meet Maya

My oh my, are we excited for you to meet Maya!

From work to home, Maya is a light in the lives of many (ours included). As a wife, a mother of 3 boys, and an Anchal artisan of 4 years, Maya is very busy, yet she maintains a positive outlook on her future. Her long-term goals are to give her children an education and to own a home.

Maya's daily 30 minute walk to work serves as her only "me-time." She has expressed that after being in a house of 4 boys all night, she looks forward to working with supportive women at Anchal. At work, Maya is always eager to improve Anchal products through new stitches and patterns. While she is thankful for the work she has, she wants more! Consequently, when asked if she would like to say anything to Anchal's customers she said, "Keep buying!".

As a woman who cannot read or write, it is obvious that Maya's #1 priority to create better lives for her sons. While not at work, she is cooking them meals, cleaning, and doing laundry. In an interview, Maya shared with us that she once dyed her son's clothes so that they would think they were new. This is just one simple example of the lengths she will go for her family.

We are so happy to support women like Maya! To help Maya meet her goal of educating her sons and owning a home click here.


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