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dyeScape Update: It is Growing!

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dyeScape Update: It is Growing!

The center point of the dyeScape plan at 1655 Portland Avenue and 609 North 17th Street has completely transformed since we originally purchased the lot. The volunteer days that have been held have allowed us to to fill the first dyeScape garden with flowers, wooden troughs to hold the plants, and a recently completed shed. Some flowers that are in bloom now are yarrow, marigolds, and hollyhock. Dye experimentation is already taking place and we are looking forward to viewing the results of the other flowers that have been planted.

We love seeing how this one garden is able to add new life to the Portland community and we are excited to expand. Being able to develop a project that allows the Anchal Project to directly connect with and affect Louisville communities further than our Anchal headquarters and staff is such a blessing.

dyeScape is in full swing and we are eager to see where the journey will take us! Look out for more dyeScape updates to come your way throughout the summer.

For more information about the dyeScape initiative click here or visit part one and two of the introduction to dyeScape on our blog. 

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