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Anchal Joins the Fair Trade Federation!

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Anchal Joins the Fair Trade Federation!

We are pleased to announce that Anchal Project has been accepted into the Fair Trade Federation ! The Fair Trade Federation (FTF) is a Washington, D.C.-based non-profit promoting North American businesses fully committed to the principles of fair trade.

In order to become a member of this network of over 250 fair-trade businesses, Anchal Project submitted to a comprehensive screening process which included evaluations of: its relationship with producer parters; the conditions in which its artisans work; the fairness of artisan wages; safety; environmental sensitivity; and financial transparency. During this screening process, Executive Director Renee Bowers noted, the FTF  found that Anchal Project is "very thorough and thoughtful about fair trade practices and relationships with producers." Further, Bowers lauded the Anchal team's "great efforts to inform and educate customers about the work they do."

As a new member of a FTF, Anchal Project seeks to incorporate the organization's Fair Trade Principles — including fair wages, worker safety, transparency, and more — into all aspects of its operations. Pursuant of a fairer world, Anchal provides a steady source of income to its artisans,  in an effort to lift them out of extreme poverty. We are honored to be included among so many reputable businesses with missions similar to Anchal's own.

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