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Meet Anchal Artisan: Basanti

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Meet Anchal Artisan: Basanti

When Basanti walks into the Anchal workspace, she brings a warm and compassionate energy to the group. Upon first meeting Basanti, she is slightly reserved and shy. However, it does not take long before she is sharing her infectious smile and joyous giggle. An outsider would never know the hardship she faced throughout her life. Basanti was born into an extremely impoverished home where her father struggle to feed the family. Though she enjoyed learning and wanted to go to school, she needed support her family at a very early age.

anchal artisans basanti india

Basanti now confidently shares that Anchal has transformed her life and the lives of her 5 children. She is one of Anchal's senior artisans and has shown incredible dedication to the project over the past 3 years.  Her enthusiasm is visibly manifested in the art she creates; her products are absolutely beautiful and made with the utmost care. Basanti dreams of learning how to read and educate her children.

Help Basanti realize her dream and donate to Anchal's artisan program here or purchase one of her products here

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