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Beginning Again

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Beginning Again

It was wonderful meeting the new women in Jaipur the previous week, but there was something magical about seeing the familiar faces of our artisans in Ajmer.  I was anxiously waiting the moment when I could lock eyes with the women I had been fighting for the last two years, the same women who inspire me and the same women who you have supported through your purchases and donations.

As our car pulled up to the office, I anxiously jumped out and peeked over the fence to see Shakuntela’s smile.  No words were needed; the look of recognition and excitement was enough for the both of us. Shakuntela has been with the program in Ajmer since the group’s formation in August 2010.  During my first visit a few months later, I was especially touched by her story and care she put into her work.  After this initial glance, we were warmly welcomed by the other artisans and the Vatsalya’s local outreach team.  The reunion I had been waiting for had arrived. Anchal Artisans India Workshop Design Anchal Artisans India Workshop DesignAnchal Artisans India Workshop Design

-Colleen & Maggie

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