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Vintage Kantha Collection


Made with high-quality, repurposed vintage cotton saris, our one-of-a-kind upcycled home and fashion accessories feature bold, colorful prints. Each kantha piece contains character and charm with patchwork that tells its own story.

  • Christmas red and greens with hints of tan and black patterned soft cotton bedding Festive colors for the holiday season includes florals, abstract designs, and a unique artisan signature tag
  • Queen Kantha Quilt Bedding - No. 220504 Queen Kantha Quilt Bedding - No. 220504
  • Pinks and florals brighten any room with these one-of-a-kind patterns Delicate pale blue flowers with pink crosshatch patterns highlighted by the artisan signature tag found on the corner of the quilt
  • Beige and yellow colored vintage Kantha quilt that has deep blue and purple accents Vintage queen quilt made from recycled materials and features multiple patterns for a unique look
  • One of a kind vintage quilt featuring cream and burnt orange designs Rust colored queen quilt featuring contrasting blue floral accents
  • Queen Kantha Quilt Bedding - No. 220502 Bright reds mix with different shades of green featuring an artisan signature tag
  • Traditional and neutral designed large cotton queen quilt Bold red color-blocked bohemian queen sized quilt that was fully hand stitched
  • Queen Kantha Quilt Bedding - No. 220501 Christmas colors pop on this quilt handcrafted out of vintage sarees that includes a special artisan signature tag
  • Bold and vibrant red kantha bedding that has unique patterns stitched together for a one of a kind look Red queen bedding that has a bold panel that features a contrasting green floral design