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Vintage Kantha Collection

Made with high-quality, repurposed vintage cotton saris, our one-of-a-kind upcycled home and fashion accessories feature bold, colorful prints. Each piece contains character and charm with patchwork that tells its own story.

  • Boho inspired quilt sewed from recycled materials for a one of a kind look Maroon throw blanket that has contrasting colors of orange, blue, and green
  • Red and pink monochromatic printed blanket that has a traditional look Vintage pink and red blanket that has a unique style
  • Bold and vibrant traditional quilt that features an array of colors and patterns Orange, teal, and navy throw blanket that showcases multiple different geometric prints
  • Red, pink, and orange vintage throw blanket with contrasting patterns for a boho styled look Pink traditional throw blanket that has stripes and unique paisley prints
  • Orange and red detailed quilt that features white Kantha stitching A one of a kind throw blanket that stitches together unique patterns of recycled sarees
  • Orange and red traditional quilt that features a bold paisley print for a stand out look Soft quilt that features different shades of red and orange and unique patterns
  • Deep red colored quilt that features paisley, stripe, and floral patterns Hand crafted Kantha quilt featuring unique name tag of the individual artisan that created the throw
  • Yellow and brown throw blanket that features contrasting orange and light blue patterns Uniquely detailed Kantha throw quilt that has bold brown flowers with orange leaves