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red and tan cotton throw blanket handmade using recycled vintage saris
red and tan cotton throw blanket handmade using recycled vintage saris
red and tan floral one-of-a-kind quilted throw blanket
eco-friendly vintage kantha quilt throw with blue kantha stitching
vintage kantha throw blanket featuring the handstitched signature of the artisan on the tag
rust red kantha quilt draped over multi-colored checkered bedding in rustic modern bedroom

Kantha Quilt Throw - No. 240116

$ 225.00

SKU LB240116
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Wrap yourself in cozy charm and comfort with this beautiful burgundy and tan Kantha quilt, adorned with a leaf print. Each quilt is handmade with care and skill, featuring neat rows of straight stitches that bind together six layers of vintage cotton saris—light, muslin-like fabrics that feel incredibly soft to the touch.

Kantha blankets are cherished Indian quilts, known for their eco-friendly nature and vibrant, unique patterns. This centuries-old craft turns patchwork cloth into stunning works of art, made from repurposed rags. Our Kantha blankets stand out for their amazing craftsmanship and quality. No two are alike, and each quilt is signed by the artisan, adding a special, personal touch to your unique piece.

Bold and colorful, this Kantha quilt is full of character and charm, each one telling its own story. Perfect as a housewarming or wedding gift, this quilt is a playful and stylish addition to your living room or bedroom decor, bringing warmth and personality to your space. 


  • Size: 54" x 74"
  • Materials: 6 layers of vintage cotton saris
  • Patchwork or beautiful small imperfections may be present due to the nature of vintage fabrics
  • Handcrafted by a skilled woman artisan in Ajmer, India
  • Features the hand-stitched signature of the maker on the tag