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Modern Throw Pillows

Ethically Made Throw Pillows

Contemporary design meets sustainable home decor. Mix and match our decorative modern throw pillows featuring colorful, bold geometric patterns to add character to your living space. Each of our ethically made throw pillows is hand embroidered and thoughtfully designed for the modern home.
  • Unique and bold bright teal colored recycled cotton lumbar pillow Teal and brown bold patterned vintage lumbar pillow
  • purple, cream, and grey striped sustainable cotton lumbar pillow traditionally patterned lumbar accent pillow sustainably made using layers of soft upcycled vintage cotton saris stitched together with bright pink kantha stitching
  • fairtrade beige black and red traditional patterned cotton lumbar accent pillow soft cotton lumbar pillow handmade using layers of recycled vintage saris stitched together using yellow kantha stitching
  • Kantha Lumbar Pillow - No. 220702 Kantha Lumbar Pillow - No. 220702
  • indigo blue colorblock decorative throw pillow made using natural plant dyes modern colorblock throw pillow dyed using locally grown indigo leaves