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Fair Trade Clutches, Pouches, Duffels, and Eco-Friendly Bags

Our ethically made pouches and eco-friendly bags feature bold contemporary designs and timeless embroidered details. Thoughtfully designed to hold all your essentials, select the perfect style for your needs, from clutches to duffels to travel pouches. 

  • Cross-stitch small pouch made with organic cotton being used in a bathroom holding a comb small zippered pouch with embroidery and tassel zipper pull in navy blue
  • Anchal Project organic cotton canvas pouch with rust orange eclipse pattern canvas pouch with half moon design in rust with tassel zipper pull
  • Small red Kantha pouch clutch with small white and orange diamond patterning Bold red pouch with white Kantha stitching and orange accents throughout
  • Unique blue and purple Kantha pouch simply patterned with red and gold flowers White Kantha stitched blue and purple pouch made from vintage sarees
  • One-of-a-kind small pink pouch with orange and blue detailing, made by fair trade artisans Pink, orange, and blue printed pouch made from recycled materials by female artisans in Ajmer, India
  • Springtime influenced small purple pouch with small orange flower designs Sustainable and fashionable bright purple Kantha pouch with colorful printed floral patterns
  • Dark purple Kantha pouch clutch that features white prints that result in a beautiful, traditional design Sustainable purple colored Kantha pouch with white detailing made from soft vintage sarees
  • bright purple small bag that features a unique bird pattern as well as yellow kantha stitching small clutch purse that is made from multiple layers of recycled cotton material
  • Monochromatic pouch clutch handmade by artisans in India Black and white small clutch featuring traditional Kantha stitching made from Anchal artisans
  • small canvas zippered clutch with colorblock design kantha stitching and tassel pull small sustainably made organic-cotton pouch
  • Handmade tricolored pouch made with eco-friendly organic cotton fabric Asha Colorblock Pouch Clutch
  • Geometric printed small pouch that is lavender and mint green Spring colored zipper pouch that has been reused from recycled materials
  • boldly patterned vintage small pouch that is green and cream floral patterned green pouch that was made from recycled materials
  • A two-toned blue Kantha pouch clutch perfect for a one-of-a kind look Blue printed traditional Kantha pouch that is made from recycled materials for a fashionable and eco-friendly styl
  • Fuchsia Kantha pouch with small yellow flowers and large orange, brown and teal flower Bright fuchsia pouch with floral prints made from soft to the touch fabric
  • Hot pink colored pouch with contrasting orange and blue leaf patterns and white Kantha stitching Uniquely patterned Kantha pouch made from colorful vintage sarees
  • Bright pink small Kantha pouch with simple yet contrasting patterns of light orange and blue Delicately made soft vintage pink colored pouch paired with blue Kantha stitching
  • Bold red Kantha clutch with small orange and white diamond shapes Unique small red pouch clutch with blue Kantha stitching, perfect for storing your favorite on-the-go items
  • Deep red Kantha pouch clutch with white tropical floral design Minimally designed tropical floral Kantha pouch with contrasting red and navy blue stitching
  • A bright red Kantha pouch clutch with scattered paisley patterns throughout and navy stitching Fair Trade verified Kantha pouch with red coloring and accent paisley patterns for a one-of-a kind look
  • bright magenta small pouch that features a subtle floral pattern purple and pink small pouch clutch that has contrasting white Kantha stitching
  • Maroon and orange Kantha pouch with a unique mix of traditional and contemporary styles The pairing of light blue Kantha stitching and the bold orange and brown prints makes this pouch the perfect statement piece
  • deep purple printed small pouch that features a asymmetrical light blue leaf pattern unique and one of a kind small pouch that has a traditional kantha stitching technique throughout the piece
  • Yellow, green, and red traditional printed small pouch One of a kind small zippered pouch that was repurposed from vintage materials
  • Traditionally desgined small cotton pouch made from recycled materials Eco friendly brown and red pouch that has a small leaf pattern
  • mustard yellow paisley printed small pouch that has hand stitching and was made from recycled cotton orange and cream colored small pouch that makes a perfect gift
  • traditional printed brown pouch that features a red and cream leaf pattern brown, cream, and red printed pouch that was hand made by female artisans
  • Red and brown paisely printed small pouch that features a gold zipper Multi traditional colored small pouch that features white Kantha stitching
  • maroon, green, and cream colored small pouch that has geometric designs small vintage pouch that was hand made by artisans earning a fair wage