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Your Dollars at Work: Road to India Fundraiser

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Your Dollars at Work: Road to India Fundraiser

You made it happen! With the success of our recent "Road to India 2016" fundraising campaign, we were able to make some exciting changes at Anchal's headquarters in Ajmer, India. Let's see how your dollars were used! Watch a behind the scenes VIDEO here!

2 Educational Workshops - 3 New Sewing Machines - 1 New Washing Machine - New Fabric - New Shelves

Anchal India Dye Workshop

Artisans collaged patterns for new designs and learned how to dye fabric using marigolds. Stay tuned for more about each design workshop.

Anchal sewing machine

Artisans Shama, Nazia & Gulshan were trained to use the sewing machines to stitch together panels for our new Narrative Collection.

indian washing machinewashing machine anchal

We upgraded our washing machine and the team could not be more excited. Project Assistant Maqsuda, who manages the washing, was given the honors to open the box!

organic cotton

The Narrative Collection, launching Oct. 20th, will use 100% organic cotton. This is the first time Anchal will be working with fabric other than recycled saris. Our dedication to sustainability and environmental respect continues by sourcing responsible new fabric.

An average sized Anchal quilt uses 360 yards of thread! We source our kantha thread from a small vendor in the middle of the Jaipur market. Plus, we're always on the lookout for innovative materials. 

india fabric shelves anchal

We've been in need of some organization - so with your help we purchased shelves to store material and finished product.

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