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Retailer Spotlight: Revelry Boutique Gallery

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Retailer Spotlight: Revelry Boutique Gallery

We treasure our retail partners for helping spread our message, carrying Anchal products, and ultimately investing in our artisan’s futures. This month, we had the opportunity to speak with Mo McKnight Howe, owner of Louisville’s Revelry Boutique Gallery

What inspired you to open Revelry?

Growing up in Louisville, I aspired to be a successful local artist and there were not many opportunities or knowledge on how to become successful in the art world. It inspired me to become an ambassador to the local artist community by connecting artists with collectors and art lovers alike through Revelry.

What do you think makes Revelry unique?

Not only is Revelry 100% local, we hand pick each one of our artists. This process makes our collections very fine tuned and curated so that the customer has a wonderful selection of handmade goods. We absolutely love working with local artists.

Inside Revelry Boutique Gallery

How were you introduced to Anchal Project and what made you want to carry these products?

Colleen Clines (Anchal Co-Founder & CEO) approached me about selling Anchal at Revelry. I was going to carry the items based on aesthetics alone, but when she told me about the women who made the Anchal items and their story, it made me connect to them even more. I am so proud to carry Anchal at Revelry, knowing that each sale of Anchal is truly making a difference.

Which Anchal product is your bestseller?

The Anchal bandanas are definitely our best seller. Myself and the girls that work here are always rocking them and getting compliments. The bandanas are the perfect accessory, and they are incredibly versatile!

What is the most exciting thing about owning Revelry?

The most exciting thing is that I know I am making a difference in artists’ lives. Like Anchal, Revelry creates new economic opportunities for local artists that did not exist before. Knowing that we are making this kind of difference in our local art community, while connecting buyers with amazing artwork, is the most rewarding job I could ask for.Revelry Boutique Gallery dogKeep an eye our for Revelry's adorable greeter, Major

In your opinion, why is creative expression and innovation important in the world today?

In this day and age, really everything seems to have been done before. I think we are inundated with so much to look at that people now have to filter through all the stimulation to find what really moves us, what really deserves our focus and attention. More and more our culture is being drawn to a lifestyle of quality and originality which are intrinsically linked with creativity and new ideas. Creativity breeds innovation and that’s what generates a spark of motivation. Some of our greatest thinkers and scientists were also artists and designers (look at Einstein, Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, etc). Invention and creative expression form an organic synergy which, in my opinion, is the ultimate form of genius.

Don't miss the opportunity to visit Revelry on July 13 for the first annual Festival Fashion for Good.  Join us for fun festival styling from 6pm-9pm.

Are you interested in becoming an Anchal retail partner yourself? Fill out our Wholesale Application and tell us about your store!

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