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Rotate and Repeat

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Anchal Artisans India Workshop Design"I consider myself a farmer of patterns." -Alexander Gorlizki

Design training is a critical component of Anchal's program. This year we focused our curriculum on the possibilities of pattern. A pattern can be described as a shape or form repeated. The artisans learned that shapes form patterns in everyday life such as flooring tile or designs on a sari. These simple principles of repeating a shape can be applied to quilt designs generated by the artisans' ingenuity.

"Naturally, patterns emerge through repetition, and repetition yields up a type of discovery that reveals everything about itself, especially its sorry limits." -Jan Peacock

The exercise consisted of cut out shapes: a rectangle, diamond, and triangle. Each artisan made their own design by repeating the shape and again by working with a friend to combine their shapes. It was quite a beautiful process watching the women instinctively create a pattern with their own set of rules. Some are more strict than others, but all depict creative confidence and promising design elements for future product designs. Anchal Artisans India Workshop DesignAnchal Artisans India Workshop DesignAnchal Artisans India Workshop DesignAnchal Artisans India Workshop Design

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