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Gone in a Blink - Colleen Reflects on 2014

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Gone in a Blink - Colleen Reflects on 2014

“I was a very timid person, full of apprehensions about everything. I felt I was a weak woman and everyone was looking at me with an intention of attacking me.  But, its different story now.  I now realized I am a tigress and not a sheep.” -Anchal artisan, Basanti

Anchal will officially turn 5 years old in 2015 and the impact is more visible than ever before.  Basanti’s quote above perfectly summarizes Anchal’s progress and impact in 2014. What strikes me most is her comment about becoming a tigress!  My hope is that all women will adopt Basanti's strong feelings of confidence and self-worth.

Changes like Basanti's are not isolated, they span across all of the women involved. Our partner, Jaimala Gupta shares, “These women; from helpless, depressed backgrounds had no inspiring aspirations or dreams about themselves, but now they have transformed into thinking, creative and independent women who now inspire others. Not only do they surprise others by their zeal and achievements, one of them said ‘I can’t believe I am doing it, I can’t believe this is me!’”

Though 2014 may appear to be less glamorous than previous years, without collaborations like Urban Outfitters and America Ferrera. 2014 was an undeniably year of unbelievable success, which is evident in the numbers below. anchal impact statistics 2014 reflection  

In addition, we accomplished the following as an organization.

• Circle of Sisterhood Featured Project (2014)

• The Forix Foundation Featured Project (2014)

• Member of the Fair Trade Federation (2014)

• “Lots of Possibility” winner for DyeScape Initiative (2014)

• Harper’s Bazaar Featured Product (2014)

Once again, thank you to our customers, donors, advocates and supporters! I really cannot say it enough. Your enthusiasm, gratitude and unwavering encouragement has fueled Anchal’s impact in the lives of women like Basanti.

Do you have a favorite memory with Anchal in 2014? Please share below, I would love to hear from you!

Also stay tuned for my post about Anchal’s plans for this coming year and our 2015 resolutions.

Sincerely, Colleen

PS Check out our progress by reading my reflections from 2013 and 2012!

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