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Step by Step, How Your Quilt Came to Life

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Step by Step, How Your Quilt Came to Life

1. Purchasing Material: Each product begins with the simple purchase of material. Our vintage saris are purchased from a family who lives tucked away on the outskirts of Jaipur. Hundreds upon hundreds of saris sit ready for a new life, only a few months from your couch.

2. Processing: Once the material is transported to the workspace, it is inventoried, washed, and prepared for color matching.

3. Color Matching: Next, the women choose the saris for the outer layer of the each quilt. The color combinations are based on the color wheel and popular color families. Once the saris are chosen, they cut the saris to the specific dimensions required.

4. Layering & Base Stitching: Now that the saris have been cut, they choose 3 plain saris to be placed between the outer layers. The panels are then sewn together with a basic machine stitch.

5. The Straight Stitch: The panels are assigned to a specific women, and within the next 11-14 days a beautiful quilt emerges with an average of 200 lines.

6. Quality Control: When each women has completed a product, it must go through quality control inspection. Issues such as uneven edges, inconsistent spacing, and appropriate size of signature are reviewed.

7. Shipping: Once the quilts are approved, they are washed once again, wrapped in plastic, placed in a huge large box and sent to the Anchal headquarters here in the States.

8. Inventory: The first step upon arrival is inventory; each quilt is numbered, tagged, and entered into the official inventory list.

9. Web Preperation: Each product is then photographed and uploaded to the webstore.

10. SOLD!: The last step in the process is you. Once you've clicked the purchase button we process your order, package it up, and ship it off. The next time you snuggle up to your Anchal quilt, image everyone who has played a part in getting this beautiful product to you. -Maggie

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