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Zero Waste


By upcycling the fabric scraps that have accumulated from the cutting process of our garment production, we are able to create fun, useful products and give hundreds of pounds of fabric a new purpose.

  • Stuffed bunny created from organic cotton scrap materials for a eco friendly gift Adorable stuffed bunny made by Fair Trade artisans with soft organic cotton material and a tassel bunny tail
  • golden organic cotton scrunchie by Anchal Project sustainable hair accessories for ethical beauty by Anchal Project
  • handmade stuffed fabric dinosaur made from organic cotton by Anchal Project Kantha Handmade Stuffed Dinosaur
  • rainbow bird chain with bell to hang in doorways or windows hanging bird chain on entryway hooks for good prosperity
  • Kantha Handmade Stuffed Elephant Small blue elephant with contrasting mustard details made for a perfect gift
  • Stripe Twist Headband Stripe Twist Headband
  • Vintage Kantha Scrunchie Vintage Kantha Scrunchie
  • woman wearing hair in high ponytail with organic cotton embroidered scrunchie by Anchal Project Anchal Project organic cotton hair scrunchie in ivory
  • Quilted Patchwork Pot Holder Quilted Patchwork Pot Holder
  • handmade fabric coaster set in navy blue with hand-embroidered design made by artisans in India by Anchal eco-friendly quilted fabric coaster set with hand-embroidery in rust red
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  • Quilted Patchwork Oven Mitt Quilted Patchwork Oven Mitt
  • Anchal Project organic cotton pencil case with cross-stitch embroidery in slate gray Cross-Stitch Pencil Case
  • modern cross-stitch coin purses in bold colorways charcoal cross-stitch coin purse made from organic cotton
  • organic cotton face mask Anchal Project White face mask with two layers of cotton handstitched by Anchal artisans in Ajmer India
  • organic cotton face masks by Anchal Project made from upcycled scrap fabrics Black cotton face mask fitted for adults with elastic ear loop
  • Organic Cotton Face Mask - Rust Organic Cotton Face Mask - Rust
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  • organic cotton small embroidered packs of scrap fabric by Anchal mismatched embroidered scrap fabrics in rust orange
  • organic cotton patchwork scrap fabrics in rust orange with hand-embroidery mending kit scrap fabrics in bone ivory with embroidery
  • naturally dyed pink scrunchies made of linen by Anchal Projectinen modern oversized scrunchie made with natural dyes and linen by Anchal
  • tie-dye cotton scrunchies using natural indigo dye by Anchal Project
  • Naturally Dyed Shibori Scrunchie Naturally Dyed Shibori Scrunchie