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Vintage Kantha Collection


Made with high-quality, repurposed vintage cotton saris, our one-of-a-kind upcycled home and fashion accessories feature bold, colorful prints. Each kantha piece contains character and charm with patchwork that tells its own story.

  • Vibrant handcrafted vintage cotton kantha quilt with beige accents Fuchsia and maroon kantha twin bedding with beige and gray traditional patterns
  • Vibrant blue cotton kantha twin quilt with fuchsia accents and red and orange traditional patterning Blue cotton kantha twin sized bedding made of recyceled materials featuring beige paisleys and a delicate orange, red and black geometric pattern
  • Purple cotton kantha twin quilt with traditional and delicate patterns with bright green details Twin sized bedding with pink and white stripes, traditional geometric pattern and delicate purple swirling floral pattern
  • Unique kantha twin quilt featuring an autumnal colored pattern Handmade quilt featuring deep purple, olive, and peach geometric designs
  • Vibrant blue cotton kantha twin quilt with black and beige patterning Bright blue kantha twin sized bedding with black accents, a large paisley pattern, and a delicate repeating traditional beige pattern
  • Vibrant cotton kantha twin quilt with red, beige, and blue stripes with a yellow repeating floral design One of  a kind cotton kantha twin sized bedding with yellow flowers and red and blue stripes on a beige background
  • Sustainable twin quilt with red, brown, and red themed designs Light toned kantha quilt featuring small floral and geometric designs
  • Unique twin cotton blanket that has brown and red patterning Patchwork inspired twin sized quilt that has different designs stitched together
  • Split beige cotton kantha quilt with small floral details and red, green, and blue designs Vintage sari cotton kantha blanket with delicate traditional floral patterning and blue, red, and green accents
  • Vibrant green cotton kantha twin quilt with red, pin, and blue accents Colorful kantha twin bedding with traditional fuchsia patterning on a neon green background and blue and cream details
  • Vibrant twin quilt with pink, teal, and orange based designs Bright colored quilt featuring geometrical designs and kantha stitching
  • Unique twin cotton green kantha quilt with red and cream details Twin sized blanket with small red patterning and yellow flowers on a green background
  • Sustainably made twin quilt featuring a bright colored split design Beige colored quilt with a large paisley pattern and blue kantha stitching
  • Warm toned twin quilt with plaid and floral designs Burnt red and orange colored quilt with small cream colored floral designs
  • Muted rust red twin sized bedding with beige stripes and small patterns and blue floral details Vintage sari twin cotton blanket with intricate beige and blue floral patterning on a red background with traditional white kantha stitching
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