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Vintage Kantha Collection


Made with high-quality, repurposed vintage cotton saris, our one-of-a-kind upcycled home and fashion accessories feature bold, colorful prints. Each kantha piece contains character and charm with patchwork that tells its own story.

  • Blue tones on this floral summertime bandana Poolside soft cotton with traditional Kantha stitching in the color red, perfect for warm weather
  • Blues and purples create a fun and daring unique look on this square scarf Artisans from Ajmer, India hand stitch the traditional kantha stitch in the color purple to mesh with the design
  • Elements of turquoise, this simple yet unique bandana is the perfect fashion statement Pale pink traditional Kantha stitching boarders this tropic blue
  • White and soft blues with hints of yellow bring life to this floral still-life pattern Soft vintage cotton with traditional Kantha stitching in black
  • Blue toned floral square bandana Floral summer bandana embellished with gold stitching gives a sophisticated feel
  • Deep sea blue with black stripes and floating flowers Black traditional Kantha stitching blends in with the notes of black in the vintage sari cloth
  • Kantha Bandana - No. 220473 Kantha Bandana - No. 220473
  • Turquoise traditional pattern from vintage sari Soft pink stitching enhances this unique soft cotton square scarf
  • Dark teal with oft brown and red flowers on soft cotton fabric Dark blue stitching boarders vintage bandana
  • Green soft cotton with bold blue and red pattern Traditionally printed neck scarf with white Kantha stitching
  • White, grey, and kiwi green rose patterned bandana Red stitched soft cotton square scarf
  • Kantha Bandana - No. 220477 Kantha Bandana - No. 220477
  • White, orange, and blue patterned bandana Red stitching adds to the beach feel on this soft cotton
  • Deep green cotton bandana that was made from layers of recycled cotton Teal colored cotton bandana that was hand made by artisans earning a fair wage
  • Nautical yellow, blue, and grey square bandana Purple traditional Kantha stitching on soft cotton
  • Bright gold colored cotton square bandana that is completely one of a kind Vintage sustainable two tone cotton bandana that was made in India by artisans earning a fair wage
  • Mustard orange, pink, green, bright blue, and grey patchwork soft cotton square scarf Dark stitching done in the traditional kantha style contrasts against the vibrant colors
  • Sunrise bursting orange with yellow accents create a bright square scarf Midnight purple stitching done in a traditional kantha style ties together this sunny day soft cotton
  • Taffy pink embellished with a pale yellow unique soft cotton pattern Vibrant neck scarf with traditional stitching in black
  • Magenta mixed with teal and white to create the ultimate statement piece Trees and flowers cover this soft cotton as gold stitching laces the boarders
  • Bubblegum pink with white and gold flowers White vines and florals create a great springtime square scarf with white traditional stitching
  • Pink and magenta, white, splashes of brown, and teal patterned square scarf Magenta scales and unique patterns enhances with traditional kantha stitching in the color white
  • Green tones on this floral jungle patterned square scarf Traditional Kantha stitching in red boarders this soft cotton bandana
  • Red and black floral patterned square scarf Soft cotton laced with traditional white stitching
  • Bright purple cotton bandana that has a minimal floral for contrast Vintage cotton neck-scarf that was made from artisans in India
  • Pink tones and a loud pattern make for a fun everyday scarf Black traditional Kantha stitching blends in with the vibrant colors
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  • Deep purple cotton bandana that features white and green swirl patterns Kantha Bandana - No. 220411
  • Cotton square bandana that is created from recycled saris and is one of a kind Cotton bandana that was created from collecting materials from vintage saris
  • Bold checkered printed vintage bandana that has green, purple, and beige colorings Bold and one of a kind cotton bandana that makes a statement
  • Vibrant purple graph patterned bandana Two toned purple bandana with cream and orange leaf designs
  • Bright white bandana that has small black polka dots and large florals Purple and green floral patterned vintage boho style scarf
  • Off white kantha bandana that has a unique bird pattern Green and yellow bird patterned cotton bandana that is one of a kind