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Vintage Kantha Collection


Made with high-quality, repurposed vintage cotton saris, our one-of-a-kind upcycled home and fashion accessories feature bold, colorful prints. Each kantha piece contains character and charm with patchwork that tells its own story.

  • Elements of turquoise, this simple yet unique bandana is the perfect fashion statement Pale pink traditional Kantha stitching boarders this tropic blue
  • White, orange, and blue patterned bandana Red stitching adds to the beach feel on this soft cotton
  • Teal colored minimal cotton bandana that has purple and orange leaf patterns Bandana made from layers of recycled cotton that was sustainably sourced from India
  • White, grey, and kiwi green rose patterned bandana Red stitched soft cotton square scarf
  • White cotton recycled bandana that was hand stitched by artisans Light blue and purple small floral cotton bandana
  • Green, blue, and white detailed square bandana Honeycomb print with blue and white flowers featuring iris stitching in the traditional kantha style
  • Deep purple cotton bandana that features white and green swirl patterns Kantha Bandana - No. 220411
  • Magenta square scarf with a white traditional pattern Yellow detailing pops against pink fabric
  • Cotton square bandana that is created from recycled saris and is one of a kind Cotton bandana that was created from collecting materials from vintage saris
  • Red and black floral patterned square scarf Soft cotton laced with traditional white stitching
  • Bold checkered printed vintage bandana that has green, purple, and beige colorings Bold and one of a kind cotton bandana that makes a statement
  • Deep maroon colored cotton square bandana that has pops of color in a large paisley print Pink and purple cotton colored bandana that has orange and creme lines designed all over the scarf
  • Vibrant orange colored cotton bandana that has a large paisley print throughout One of a kind cotton bandana that has a vibrant and warm color scheme
  • Purple, white, and beige colored cotton bandana scarf Cotton bandana made from sustainable materials and has bright green paisley prints
  • Traditional bright white vintage bandana that features an unique elephant pattern Elephant printed white and black cotton bandana that also features traditional Kantha stitching in red on the edge of the scarf
  • Forest green and pale lilac unique scarf Yellow stitched square scarf with purple floral detail
  • Green and red paisley printed cotton bandana that  is made from layers of recycled fabric Hand stitched cotton bandana made by artisans in India earning a fair wage
  • Bright lime green cotton scarf hand made from recycled materials Neon green scarf that has a geometric patterns and blue and red spots
  • Bright orange colored cotton bandana that has red detailing Red and orange paisley patterned hand stitched recycled cotton bandana
  • Red, white, and yellow striped modern cotton bandana Neutral colored striped cotton bandana that has a contrasting blue Kantha stitch detail
  • Bright red cotton bandana that was hand stitched by female artisans in India Deep red and white colored patterned recycled cotton hand made bandana
  • Beautifully patterned bandana made from vintage cotton Cream colored bandana featuring a small black arrow pattern
  • Light yellow cotton bandana that has contrasting black and white designs to create interest  Yellow, red, and black printed one of a kind cotton bandana scarf
  • Grey striped bandana that has pink color blocks to create a unique design Vintage styled grey bandana that has pink and blue floral printed squares
  • Kantha Bandana - No. 210115 Kantha Bandana - No. 210115
  • Traditionally patterned cotton bandana that has a checkered design in red and black Red, black, and tan patterned sustainable bandana from India
  • Kantha Bandana - No. 210117 Kantha Bandana - No. 210117
  • Light gray colored cotton Kantha bandana that is eco friendly and functional Grey and red cotton square neck scarf that has traditional India stitching techniques
  • Dandelion yellow bandana with daffodil accents Summertime golden scarf with a soft pale blue stitching
  • Deep red colored cotton bandana that has a black circle print and bold grey florals Grey, black, and red colored sustainable and eco friendly cotton scarf
  • Kantha Bandana - No. 210114 Kantha Bandana - No. 210114
  • Brown tones with delicate paisley detail Electric lime green brightens the earthy square scarf