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Men's Accessories

Fair Trade Ties and Pocket Squares

Our unique collection of men's accessories features one-of-a-kind ethically handmade ties and pocket squares. Each piece is made using upcycled vintage cotton saris and features bold, colorful prints.

  • Small red and white paisley handmade pocket square Floral patterned detailed red and yellow pocket square that was hand crafted in India
  • Intricate detailed red and white striped pocket square with mustard yellow leaf designs and neon yellow Kantha stiching Bold striped pocket square featuring yellow leaf detailing styled with men's jacket
  • Eco friendly green pocket square featuring pale yellow floral designs and colors brought together by bright pink Kantha stich Green and white pocket square highlighted with yellow floral designs styled with formal menswear
  • Beautiful maroon pocket square featuring teal and orange floral designs and neon yellow Kantha stiching Eco-friendly maroon pocket square detailed with teal flowers and orange stems
  • Boho inspired and traditionally sewn beige and orange pocket square Light beige pocket square detailed with unique patterns and light blue Kantha stiching
  • Vibrant warm-toned yellow pocket square that features unique blends of beige contrasted with blue Kantha stiching One of a kind yellow patterned pocket square styled with a men's jacket
  • Bold blue pocket square featuring geometric patterning with accents of beautiful elephants and peacocks throughout Cerulean pocket square including animals native to the artisan and geometric prints
  • One-of-a kind bold yellow pocket square with blue Kantha stiching Bold mustard yellow patterned pocket square styled with a men's jacket
  • Dark green pocket square accented with navy blue leaf-like patterns Delicately handmade pocket square with navy patterning and white Kantha stitching
  • Sustainable and unique blue stitched pocket square with contrasting patterns for a unique look Subtlety colored pocket square with unique panels of different prints
  • Dark red pocket square that features unique paisley patterning throughout and bright yellow Kantha stitching Traditionally patterned pocket square with a mix of paisley patterns paired with a men's jalcket
  • Beautiful green toned pocket square featuring intricately detailed gold patterns throughout Green printed Anchal pocket square sewn together with pink Kantha stitching
  • Vibrant printed pocket square with colors ranging from pink to yellow to blue, sewn with black Kantha stitching Striking patterned pocket square with contrasting black Kantha stitching
  • Bright blue handcrafted pocket square with contrasting pink and yellow floral designs Multi-colored pocket square perfect to pair with a men's jacket
  • Minimally designed pocket square made from a soft to the touch fabric Made by an artisan in Ajmer, India, this pocket square features  contrasting blue and red colors with stripes