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Sponsor Renu
Sponsor Renu
Sponsor Renu

Sponsor Renu

$ 1,200.00

Renu radiates confidence. She wears brightly-colored saris, bold makeup and sparkling jewelry. Other women flock to her - to hear her stories, jokes and the laughter that erupts around her. Always loud, smiling, and on the move - Renu is often the mastermind behind office pranks and the quickest one to start an afternoon dance party. 

It's hard to imagine that Renu had ever been any other way - but during the artisan interviews, Renu shared the details of her life before Anchal. 

For years Renu struggled to find worth and meaning in herself and in her life. 3 years ago, a neighbor suggested that she get involved with Anchal.  Renu reluctantly joined. She started attending workshops regularly, bonding with the other artisans, and loving the work. 

"I am doing what I am supposed to be doing, and everyone can see that now." 

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