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Living in Color Collection

to overdye: the transformation of vintage saris into vibrant & unified textiles using dyes such as indigo, all while leaving traces of the original pattern below.

The Living in Color Collection exemplifies the challenging journey & resilient spirit of each Anchal artisan. Like the vintage sari, each Anchal artisan is transformed into a bright individual. 

Through the curated color selection of black, gray, indigo, teal, purple and fuchsia we have created an unprecedented identity to Anchal’s products. Each piece continues to celebrate the environmentally conscious practices established in our kantha project along with the integration of the overdye technique - a process deeply rooted in the region of Rajasthan, India. 

When we were conceptualizing the new collection, we wanted the challenges our artisans overcome to be tangible. With continued use of vintage saris and the addition of overdyeing, we can honor another Indian textile tradition and explore new unique goods that give incredible impact these brave women. -Colleen Clines