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How to Use Recycled and Vintage Fabrics

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Earth Day Vintage Sari

In recognition of Earth Day this coming Saturday, we want to share how we are designing change through sustainable practices in our holistic program, process and production. We do not take lightly the work it takes to offset the damages cause by the textile industry. The rise of “fast fashion” has made the global textile and apparel industry one of the most resource-intensive industries in the world – resulting in toxic pollution, unethical labor practices and mounting waste.

Anchal believes that by sourcing recycled material, organic fibers, natural dyes, alongside creating quality handcrafted textiles, we can begin to offset the damage to people and our planet. This week we have learned about certified organic fibers and natural dyes. Today we are sharing how we use recycled and vintage materials in our products.

Every traditional Anchal home good or accessory begins with the simple purchase of recycled vintage materials. Our vintage saris are hand-selected at markets by the artisans in our program from. They search through hundreds of saris to find the highest quality, softest cotton and most beautiful patterns and colors.

Once the saris are transported back to the Anchal offices in Ajmer, they are inventoried, washed and prepared for color matching. The artisans have learned in design workshops how to use the color wheel and popular color families to create beautiful color combinations to crate the outer layer of each quilt or scarf. A lot of thought and personal design is put in to each piece and pattern that is matched together.

The once forgotten saris have been given new life in the form of a handmade quilt, scarf or bag continuing it's journey and story into your home.

The benefits of using vintage and recycled materials are numerous, but the positive environmental impact is at the top of our list, followed by the joy of salvaging rare and one-of-a-kind cotton sari.

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