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Field Notes

Thank you, Circle of Sisterhood

In May of 2015 we received a generous grant from Circle of Sisterhood to provide educational opportunities to Anchal artisans. The Circle of Sisterhood is a non-profit organization that focuses on removing barriers and providing educational opportunities for women and girls in the developing world. 

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Educational Workshops: Entrepreneurship

anchal workshops entrepreneurship artisans indiaLast month our educational workshop covered an exciting topic: entrepreneurship. The goal of the workshop was to enhance the women's knowledge about potential opportunities and inspire them to use their skills to start small businesses and make smart investments, further elevating themselves and their families from poverty.

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A Reunion of Creativity & Conviction

After a week of shopping and preparing in Jaipur, Tess and I finally arrived in Ajmer to begin the artisan workshops. We felt anxious about reuniting/meeting the artisans and ensuring we were prepared to maximize our time together. Could we connect with such significant language barriers? Would we establish a mutual trust? Are the artisans excited to work on new designs? Do we have the designs and interview questions sufficiently prepared? Continue reading
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