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Field Notes

Surviving Does Not Equal Living

As we wrote about a few weeks ago, interviewing the artisans was an extremely emotional, challenging process. In an effort to create a comfortable environment and very optimistically, a naturally flowing conversation, I started off with what I thought were the easy questions. I asked things like, "What is your favorite color?" "What kind of music do you listen to?" and "What's your favorite TV show?" Continue reading

Homecoming (Part 1)

We almost didn't write this post because we didn't know how to put our experience into words. It was an unparalleled, pinch-yourself-to-make-sure-this-is-real, out of body moment that we will try our best to share.

Continue reading

A Reunion of Creativity & Conviction

After a week of shopping and preparing in Jaipur, Tess and I finally arrived in Ajmer to begin the artisan workshops. We felt anxious about reuniting/meeting the artisans and ensuring we were prepared to maximize our time together. Could we connect with such significant language barriers? Would we establish a mutual trust? Are the artisans excited to work on new designs? Do we have the designs and interview questions sufficiently prepared? Continue reading
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