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Field Notes

Track that Dollar

Ever feel like you give to a cause and never see or understand how your purchase or donation might be making a difference? Here at Anchal we seek to be as transparent as possible about how your consumer dollars are helping our talented artisans. In this post we’d like to share a few success stories of our artisans so that you can always feel good about where your dollars are going Continue reading

Reporting from Ajmer, India After Day 2 of Design Workshops…

By far my favorite moment when returning to India is walking into the Vatsalya/Anchal office and seeing the artisans for the first time.  When I round the corner and peek into the room, I am met with smiles, welcomes filled with "namaste," and the excitement of being together once again.  This exchange fuels my soul.  More than ever there is a mutual recognition of accomplishment, empowerment, and pride in where we have come in 3 years together. Continue reading