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Field Notes

She Draws With Her Needle

The past few days have flown by. Unlike Jaipur, Colleen and I quickly got to the office each morning, spent the day working with the women, and ended each workshop around 5:00pm. Coming from Jaipur, it has been much smoother the second time around. Seeing the skill and speed after the first day, Colleen and I decided with we would switch up the workshop and challenge this group a bit more. Continue reading

Beginning Again

It was wonderful meeting the new women in Jaipur the previous week, but there was something magical about seeing the familiar faces of our artisans in Ajmer.  I was anxiously waiting the moment when I could lock eyes with the women I had been fighting for the last two years, the same women who inspire me and the same women who you have supported through your purchases and donations. Continue reading

Reality Sets In - Day 5

Day 5 of the workshop in Ajmer began 2 hours late. We planned to begin the workshop at ten; however, after a visit at the office and a quick stop at a few shops, we arrived around noon. Our lack of punctuality did not seem to be an issue, giving me the feeling that India’s sense of time is extremely different than my own. Continue reading