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Field Notes

From Home to Work - Meet Maya

From work to home, Maya is a light in the lives of many (ours included). As a wife, a mother of 3 boys, and an Anchal artisan of 4 years, Maya is very busy, yet she maintains a positive outlook on her future. Her long-term goals are to give her children an education and to own a home. Continue reading

Surviving Does Not Equal Living

As we wrote about a few weeks ago, interviewing the artisans was an extremely emotional, challenging process. In an effort to create a comfortable environment and very optimistically, a naturally flowing conversation, I started off with what I thought were the easy questions. I asked things like, "What is your favorite color?" "What kind of music do you listen to?" and "What's your favorite TV show?" Continue reading

Momentum is Building with Increased Stability

Each journey to India is a unique experience. As I venture to this indescribable country for the sixth time, I find places and cultural interactions increasingly familiar. Whether I am navigating the bazaars in Jaipur, scouting the best rooftop oasis, negotiating prices with shop owners, reuniting with familiar faces or accomplishing the feat of giving directions to an auto rickshaw driver; India has certainly become my second home. However, it is clear that regardless of how comfortable I become with certain routines, so much has changed since my early trips in Anchal’s infancy.

Continue reading

Anchal Celebrates Holi

This year we got to spend the spectacular Holi holiday with Anchal artisans, who of course couldn't wait to douse Colleen & I in an array of bright colors. This celebration of color was followed more importantly by endless dancing! There is no where we'd rather spend it. Continue reading

The Epicenter for All Your Senses

The Indian marketplace immediately awakens all of your senses. It is the epicenter for everything colorful, loud, pungent & chaotic. The streets are filled with cars, buses, motorcycles, elephants & camels all fighting for a parking space or honking for the right of way. Continue reading
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