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Anchal's Anti-Racism Plan of Action

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Anchal was founded on the belief that design can change lives through an empathetic and human-centered approach. However, being a non-profit that offers programming and opportunity to women around the world is not enough. ⁠

As a team that has benefited from white privilege, we have spent the past two weeks listening, reading, participating, watching, and learning from BIPOC voices about how as individuals and as an organization we can do better, especially within our Louisville community.  ⁠

We believe that actions speak louder than words and we plan to take action immediately. We acknowledge we do not have all the answers, but we are ready to share our deep commitment to anti-racism and an initial plan of action.⁠

  1. Prioritize diversity and inclusion within our staff, advisors, models, and Board of Directors in order to help us create a more inclusive brand identity and more effectively support all women.
  2. Actively create an anti-racist culture through continued staff educational workshops focusing on racial bias and activism.⁠
  3. Partner with more BIPOC boutiques, designers, vendors, influencers, models, and photographers.⁠
  4. Dedicate time engaging and volunteering with our fellow West Louisville organizations and activists.⁠
  5. Continue cultivating an open, inclusive, and authentic partnership with Anchal's team in India.⁠

This is just the start. If you have suggestions or recommendations, please email

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