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Meet Your Didi: Shamina

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Meet Your Didi: Shamina

Anchal Artisan Shamina

Anchal artisan Shamina’s day starts at 5am. She prides herself in finishing all the household chores before she leaves for work. Every morning she cleans the house, prepares tea for everyone, gets her children and her sister-in-law’s children ready for school, prepares and serves breakfast, packs lunch boxes for the children, prepares lunch for rest of the family, drops the children to the school, and then finally, she gets ready herself. During this busy routine, she is always keeping an eye on the water tap to fill drinking water pots and an extra tank for bathing. She proudly adds that despite the busy mornings, she always makes it to work on time, “some days even a few minutes early, but never after 9am!” Once at work, she can relax a bit and enjoy a cup of tea and her breakfast with her colleagues. You may ask how she manages it all.

Shamina is a very enterprising young woman, and has an amazing energy. She has become a real asset to the Anchal community, and a remarkable shift can be seen in her personality since joining Anchal’s program. Her determination is evident when you consider the background she comes from, the conservative and restraining community that she has grown up in.

Through her growth, Shamina has been able to persuade her family, who would otherwise be opposed to her working, to extend all of their support to her. She’s confident yet humble, strong yet gentle, and the opposing forces in her personality are working to change her surrounding in her favor. Even her husband, who was initially opposed to her working with Anchal, now tells her, “Do whatever you like, just make sure that the children do not suffer.” Shamina manages this with such ease and is very happy and content with life. She is confident, optimistic and determined.

Shamina recently shared how she organized a birthday party for her son this month. She made Biryani and sweet rice and hired a DJ at her son’s request. The party lasted until 10 pm and only stopped when the 7-year-old birthday boy fell asleep on the dance floor!

Your support guarantees Shamina will be able to continue to grow with Anchal and support her family's future. 


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