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Meet Your Didi: Shakuntela

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Meet Your Didi: Shakuntela

Shakuntela continues to flourish as a project assistant at the Anchal center. She works 6 days a week and has recently earned a raise that she is very proud of. She has become the design expert at selecting saris for color combinations of each and every traditional kantha piece. She delicately lays out each piece with love and attention to detail. She also mentors other artisans and helps “grade” the artisans work, encouraging quality.With an often unstable home life, Shakuntela continues to be extremely dedicated and takes her job very seriously. She is able to provide the only income stream for her family as her husband continues to spend his days drinking. Earlier this year Shakuntela spent a week in the hospital and had a surgery that removed a lump in her breast. Her husband refused to visit her at the hospital, however she received support from the other artisans who visited her. Though she was on bed rest for a month, Shakuntela shared how much she values her job and support found at Anchal. “We feel safe & work with dignity here.” She is now in good health and hopes that the cancer scare does not return.

As Anchal’s first artisan, we feel such a strong connection to Shakuntela and continue to be amazed by her unwavering strength and dedication. We admire her greatly and are so proud of her empowered confidence and resilience. Shakuntela has become a true leader in the community and is a model for how the program can positively change a woman’s life. Shakuntela wants to make sure we share her gratitude with you. “All those who are supporting Anchal will be blessed by God!.”

The White Family has sponsored Skauntela for the second year in a row, but there are other women just like her that need your help.  Learn more and make a donation here.

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