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Meet Your Didi: Poonam

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Meet Your Didi: Poonam

On our most recent trip to India, we had the opportunity to visit with artisan Poonam and learn more about the true impact of her artisan sponsorship.

When we first met Poonam a little over three years ago,  she was under extreme stress and pressure to provide for her family. Her husband was suffering from a severe illness that not only made him entirely dependent on her for care, but kept him out of work for an extended period of time. Down to only one salary, Poonam didn't know how she would be able to provide food for her 4 children, let alone send them to school.

On top of her husband's health, Poonam was buried under debt that was piled on her family by her father in law.  He had borrowed money from the bank and several family members in order to proceed with construction on their home that Poonam was not able to afford.  Shortly after the construction was complete, her father in law passed away and the family members came calling for their money back.  Poonam was forced to sell off many of her possessions including cherished jewelry to pay back these loans.  She was scared and overwhelmed with the burden of her life.

After spending the week with her this past March, we're so happy to report a noticeable transformation in her spirit. Today, Poonam describes herself as confident, she has learned to manage the stress of her family while continuing to work hard to provide for her children.  After a surgery, her husbands health has improved and he is able to return to work.  Through the selfless care she provided him and her family while he was sick, her husband learned how valuable her work was with Anchal and supports her 100%. 

Poonam is using the money she makes from Anchal to continue paying back her families loans, but more importantly to send her 4 children to school - her oldest is now in college!  She finds peace and relaxation in creative work like the kantha stitching and has also started making jewelry with her daughters.  Her sewing skills continue to impress the team as she produces some of our most impeccable and beautiful pieces.

With your support, we can continue to make Poonam's dreams for her family and herself a reality.  

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