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Meet Your Didi: Madina

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Meet Your Didi: Madina

Madina was born and raised in Ajmer. She dreamed of a life free from extreme poverty and exploitation, a life where she could protect and feed her family. Faced with extreme adversity and having achieved only a 5th grade education, Madina could not dream of anything but survival.

Madina joined Anchal’s program in 2012 and after 3 years of dedication, we are proud to call her a Senior artisan. She first entered the Anchal office extremely timid and fearful, she could not look anyone in the eye. Today when you ask Madina what has changed the most about her about her, she simply replies “I am strong!artisan madina We were able to meet with Madina during our recent trip to India. She shared that with the money saved from her Anchal earnings she is now sending her sons to private school! She joyfully told me, 

“Maximum earning has been used on the education of children, who are going in an English medium school. We are working with Anchal group where workers are female, and I like to work with women." she continued, “I am able to afford current expenses due to the earning through Anchal, if this support was not there, I would not have been able to educate my children properly.” 

Madina is now the primary earner in her family and is making the financial decisions.

“It was very hard to find consistent work. My husband can make more money sometimes but we never know, he is ill. It was very stressful.”

 I am so incredibly proud and impressed by Madina’s dedication and strength; she has become a true leader in the Anchal community despite tremendous challenges. At the close of our conversation she wanted to make sure that I shared her appreciation.

“I want to thank all of those people who are supporting Anchal.”

Your support and yearly sponsorship guarantees that Madina will be able to continue to support her children’s education and expand her design skills at the center. Will you join us this giving season and help sponsor Madina for 2017?Madina writes her name

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