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Meet Your Didi: Kanta

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Meet Your Didi: Kanta

Kanta was born and raised in Ajmer. Kanta was born into extreme poverty and was forced to drop out of school in 6th grade. She was married only a few years later at the age of nineteen. Despite her hardships, Kanta was determined to give herself and future family a better life.

We first met Kanta at a recruitment training workshop where she displayed impressive skill and interest. She shared this, “Looking at my good skills, I was given an opportunity to work with Anchal project. I felt extremely delighted when I joined Anchal because I am seeing the other artisans as to how their economic situation has changed in last years. It is a stable project and that is very reassuring.” Today now 24, Kanta has been working with Anchal for one year and was quickly promoted to a project assistant. As a project assistant, Kanta spends her work week at the Anchal workshop cutting patterns, machine stitching patterns together and distributing pieces to artisans for the hand stitching. When we spent time with her in India last year, she was rarely not smiling. Her joyful, confident spirit has blossomed in her time with Anchal.

While Kanta has quickly blossomed in Anchal’s program, she is still confronting personal challenges. Kanta told us this, “I am otherwise settled but even after 5 years of marriage, I am unable to have a child. This makes me very sad and upset. With the money that I earn, I am treating myself for infertility. I don’t have to beg for money from anyone, rather I am in a position to help my in-laws if need be as my husband also has no job.” At the close of our time together Kanta shared, I feel very happy when I am at the center as working with other artisans is very encouraging. I wish to continue being part of this healthy community, thank you!”

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